YouTube Heroes Rant

It seems like every time that YouTube looks to be fixing its crap, it just succeeds in digging the grave even deeper. Every. Single. Time.

On Tuesday, YouTube unveiled their new “Heroes” program through a video on their help channel.

Basically, it’s a way for them to get people to moderate YouTube without actually paying ’em. This sounds totally foolproof. Nothing could go wrong!

Some of it actually sounds pretty good! You get “Hero Points” for adding closed captions to videos, reporting inappropriate content, and “sharing knowledge with others” (Whatever that means).

If you know YouTube, you know the auto-generated captions are horrible.

But then they go and do something incredibly stupid. INCREDIBLY stupid.

After you climb the ranks, you get the option to, get this: MASS FLAG VIDEOS.

Now, YouTube already has a problem with false flaggings, and this is just going to make the problem twenty times worse.

There is literally no point to this. No point at all.

It takes the same amount of time to watch the videos individually and flag them individually than it does to watch ’em and then mass flag them.

All it’s succeeding in doing is helping random idiots shut down videos they don’t agree with.

God Youtube! Get your crap together!

YouTube is slowly killing itself, and unless they make some big changes, their business is going down the drain.

YouTube, please. Just…don’t.

YouTube Heroes isn’t officially released yet, but when it is, expect a rant from me. It’s going to suck.

Thanks for tuning in. This is iCouch, signing out.