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WordPress website design and development is our specialty. WordPress is an advanced CMS (content management system) that allows for easy updating and modification of sites. Technically started as a blogging platform, WordPress has grown to be one of the most powerful, flexible and (if we design it for you) beautiful ways to develop websites.

With an extensible architecture, WordPress allows for a lot of modifications to fit nearly any use – brochure sites, squeeze pages, ecommerce systems, bulletin boards, forums – you name it, and WordPress can do it. According to their own site, “WordPress is web software you can use to create a beautiful website or blog.” But, really – it’s a helluva lot more than that. You can create:

  • Ecommerce Sites: There are a variety of plugins that turn WordPress into a powerful, slick and full-featured ecommerce platform. We’ve used them all – and our current favorite (and one of the most powerful) is WooCommerce. It’s absurdly good.
  • Blogging: This is how WordPress started, and it’s still insanely powerful at being a platform to piss, moan and gripe. Heck – we do that, too!
  • Restaurant Sites: Yep! There are some great menu plugins that make it easy to keep your board of fare updated, calendars to keep events in order, and all sorts of groovy bells and whistles that make your site as great as your food.
  • Membership Sites: You can easily control access to your site or portions of your site. Charge people to enter, or make them “like” your page on Facebook or Twitter to get some social sharing for your site and your content.
  • Squeeze Pages: Make slick one-page sites that really get people’s buying juices flowing.
  • Directories or Classifieds Sites: Build a directory, monetize it, sell links. Get rich! (Or, at least have a great website.)
  • Online Learning: Sell classes and look classy.
  • Photo Galleries: Are you a photographer? Sell your wares – or display them in a beautiful and easy-to-update wrapper.
  • Community Sites: Build a thriving community of independent blogs all under one roof. WordPress makes it super-easy.

Since WordPress is modular, it’s simple to add just about anything. Need a new page? Easy. Want more functionality? Drop in a plugin or two. Need to slap a fresh coat of paint on everything? Easy! Well – it’s easy for us, because we’ve got the WordPress mojo. We can help you get that, too.

Another HUGE feature of WordPress sites is their innate search engine friendliness. Because of the way they’re built, WordPress sites are loved by Google, and with a few tweaks and a little know-how, it’s easy to have your site rank highly. We use a few select plugins to get your site optimized, indexed and seen.

With all WordPress site design & development projects, we offer one-on-one tutorials (either in person or via webcast) to get you acclimated. We also have a great WordPress resources segment of our blog that will help you really get up to speed (and stay there.) You’ll be a WordPress master in no time, and you’ll wonder why you didn’t start sooner.

We’ve been developing great-looking and highly functional websites using WordPress for years. Take a gander at our portfolio. And when you’re ready to dominate the interwebs with a powerful WordPress site, fill out the form below to get rolling!

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