Site Updates-a-Plenty…

shoeWell, sort of.

The website needs some love, and we’re going to actually give it a little somethin’ somethin’. A lot of it is stuff you probably won’t notice – minor cosmetic issues and little odds and ends. Some of it is stuff you will notice. We’re re-skinning and updating the portfolio. That one is going to take a while – but we’re on it. The other changes (easier sharing, leaner code, fewer odd pages, etc.,) are done and you’re enjoying them now.

Why? And why should you care?

First, the site just needs a little tinkering now and again. SEO work, usability enhancements and little cosmetic things can really help make or break a site. Since we’re in the website design realm, there’s this assumption that our site is 100% awesome, 100% of the time. Sadly, that’s just not the case. We’re busy working with clients, building brands and making them look great – and in doing that, there can be precious little time left to work on OUR stuff. It’s the “cobbler’s children has no shoes” syndrome. We’re striving to fix that.

Secondly, you should care because even if you have a site, it’s always a good idea to go back in occasionally and examine your site, find any weaknesses or inaccuracies. Photo misplaced? Outdated information? Something that just doesn’t work quite right? You need to fix it, as more and more, your site is the public face of your business. If your site is lame or outdated, what does that say about you? And really, it goes to ALL businesses out there – not just us awesome designers and web geeks. You have to look good, your site needs to be easy to use and full of the information and resources that your viewer/customer/consumer is looking for. So – how about YOUR site? Has it been a while since you updated? Give us a holler – we’ll get you fixed up.

Need a whole new website? Let’s do it – you’ll be glad you found us.

So – sit back, relax, have another cup of coffee (or – gulp – TEA) and check out the changes. Our awesomeness has just gotten awesomer.