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The Honey Bee Steward

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We’re really not usually ones to get preachy about anything from our business platform, but this is an exception.


The Honey Bee Steward (Paul) is a great guy who is doing his level best to educate folks about honey bees and their place in our world. He develops conservation programs worldwide, and needed a site to help him promote and organize his efforts.

We set him up with a great-looking WordPress site that fits the bill.

Now – for the rant: If we don’t have bees, pollination becomes difficult, and a large portion of our food supply dies. Bees are such a major part of botany and our survival, yet they are largely being forced out and killed by pollution, over-growth and a lot of other factors. It has to stop. We need to cultivate bees and a legitimate understanding of their place and our need for them. Get serious, visit the Honey Bee Steward and get involved.

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