WordPress Web Design for

The Fighting Couple

Mike and Luci travel. And fight. And blog. They needed a new site to keep up with their adventures.

The Fighting Couple, as they’re known, are a world-traveling couple who maintain a lively blog – and with a new WordPress theme and a new and improved navigational system, they and their readers have an easier time traveling through the site.

Some features:

  • WordPress – fast, easy to use and super search engine friendly.
  • Woothemes’ Canvas – with our professional modifications, Mike and Luci have a site that’s 100% unique, but packed with lots of great features.
  • Social Media – TONS of tie-ins here. Makes it super-easy for everyone to get the word out!
  • Custom Style – we built the site to match who they are and what they’re doing. Full on custom, baby!
WordPress Site Design for 1000Fights.com