WordPress & Woocommerce Site Design for Blue Star Organics

OK – we have to be honest here. We have no idea what Black Mica Water is or what it does. It make our teeth feel funny, but it’s apparently got some amazing health benefits. For all we know, it’s battery acid.

But, they needed a site to display their products. That’s where we came in. We developed a custom site using WordPress and Woocommerce. It’s insanely easy to update, insanely easy to buy. We used Enfold as the backbone and did some custom CSS tinkering to make it ours (well, theirs.) Fully responsive, super-awesome. Hell yeah! BLACK MICA!

We also recorded and edited Gary’s informational videos. We do that, too.

  • Built with WordPress

  • Responsive Web Design

  • Custom Theme Design

  • Keepin’ it Local

  • Sweet Ecommerce

  • Search Engine Optimized

Web Design for Blue Star Organics