Website Design & Development for

BattleCat CoffeeBar

Live Website Went Bye-Bye.
Hopefully, It’ll Be Back Soon.

West Asheville is terrific. It’s where we’re located, and a lot of our closest friends and comrades are there, too. It just so happens that BattleCat is there, too. Since, obviously, we love coffee, we’ve been to BattleCat tons. They needed a site. We needed coffee. A match made in heaven.

We developed a quick WordPress site that gives them a platform to display a menu (via a slick menu plugin,) photos of the place and more info than you can shake a stick at. There’s also an Ecommerce integration (they’re not using it at the moment,) and a lot of other great features.

Drop by and have a cup of Penny Cup. It’s pretty great. The atmosphere is amazing, and the people are super-friendly. Heck, if you go – give us a jingle. We’ll walk down and meet you. Coffee on us!

Web Design for BattleCat Coffee