This is What We Believe.
Feel Free To Argue, But We’re Usually Right…

We’re not happy with, nor are we impressed by, the same boring crap being done using the same lame formula.
We’re completely and utterly tired of platitudinous posts and the old and tired ideas.
We want to see some BALLS in the branding and design world.

You Deserve Better. The World Deserves Better.

You deserve something more than a cookie-cutter package deal. You deserve real thought.
Design, marketing and ideas are holy to us. We’d be doing great disrespect to them if we sent something out the door that was thoughtless, or our clients weren’t stoked about. So we don’t.

We Only Work with Awesome People.

This isn’t our first rodeo. We know the difference between discerning clients who challenge us, and folks who don’t “get” us. We opt to forgo the latter. We’re not a bunch of princesses, it’s just that time on this planet is too precious for mismatched partners.

If We Stop Having Fun, We Stop Doing This.

This is design and marketing and printing and websites and stuff. It should be fun.
We should be thrilled to walk into our offices (no matter where they may be) every damned day.
Honestly, if we’re not happy, this just isn’t worth it.

We’re Not In It for the Money.

We’re in this to have fun (see above) and make some kick-ass stuff. We want to meet people, tell stories and advance our skills and style.
We want to laugh and daydream and drink too much coffee.
We need money to live – unfortunately, we all do – but that’s not our driving force.

We Won‘t Sell You Crap You Don’t Need.

This kind of goes with the money thing. There are lots of ways agencies bleed clients. We’ve heard the horror stories.
That ain’t us. We want to return real value, not just collect a check.
If you need it, we’re happy to provide it. If you don’t need it, we’ll tell you – even if you just WANT it. Everything works better that way.

We’re Not Going to Do Something Just Because You’re Supposed To.

There is no one-size-fits-all here, and we’re not going to do something just because the latest blog posts says so. We carefully consider how “expert” advice might pan out IN CONTEXT. I mean, doing what so-called experts say without asking “WHY” or “TO WHAT END” is ridiculous. We take you more seriously.

We’re Not Out to Impress Anyone. Except You.

We’re not at all concerned with what other designers and developers think about our work. We’re only concerned with it looking great and doing the job it’s meant to do. If our clients are happy, and our work meets its purpose, we win.

We Don’t Work for Free. Unless We Do.

We don’t enter into speculative projects. We don’t work at discounted rates. If we do the work,
we either get paid – or we just do it straight up pro bono. This way, we don’t get taken advantage of
and the work just flows better. We’re always up to help out – but we’ve found that
cheap-ass work just hurts feelings or wastes time. Let’s be real.

There’s Something Much More Important.

We strive to be decent, caring and giving people. We’re open and genuine. We’re warts and all.
We want to work with good people and adventure through life helping out where we can.
We enjoy this work, truly – and we love the folks we get to work with.

We do not discriminate due to race, religion, sexuality, political affiliation or for any reason.
We reserve the right to turn down work if we feel we won’t mesh. It’s (usually) not personal – we just want
to fit so we can all have a good time turning out a great product.

Let’s have fun. Life is too short and too precious not to.