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stonecloudthumbAnother day, another Asheville web design & web site launch. Plus, a little logo love thrown in.

Husband and wife team Todd Frahm and Lara Nguyen needed a new logo and look – and they needed business cards and a website to help promote their art.

Yes – they’re our clients, but we’d say this if we didn’t know them: They’re AMAZING. Todd and Lara are artists – and they’re both incredibly talented. You really do need to check them out.

Enough with gushing – back to business – the name of their studio (in the River Arts district of Asheville,) is Stone Cloud Studio. After a bit of back-and-forth, we developed a logo with a couple of variations that will suit their needs across a lot of media. The logo was designed to be flexible enough for signage, printed goods and a lot of different color applications. There’s nothing worse than a logo that is difficult to design around, but this one turned out bold, beautiful, simple and super adaptable.

The site, likewise, is a simple design that allows for a lot of updating and easy management, as well as an online store that is also totally flexible. Having a blog and an easily updatable portfolio segment were important features, and – well – that’s what they got. They also needed a more Google-friendly structure and framework, and WordPress really fit the bill here.

Built with WordPress, WooThemes and WooCommerce, this site allows Todd and Lara to keep it fresh, keep Google seeing it. Plus, it looks pretty damned good, if we do say so ourselves.

Check out the live site by clicking here. See both versions of the logo in our logo design portfolio. Check out the web design portfolio. It’s the best. THE BEST.

First Page on Google?

1Your site must be on Google. You NEED to be on the first page on Google. Why? First – why you must be listed on Google:

  • In the average month, Americans searched 15.5 billion times. Yeah – billion.
  • Google accounts for 10 billion of those searches. Yahoo chimes in with around 3, Bing/MSN 2 billion, and the rest – well, not many.

So – you can see that Google accounts for over 80% of all searches. It’s important, right? Now – the really interesting stuff happens when you start breaking the numbers within Google – and this is why you need to be on the first page:

  • The first listing in any Google search gets 42%+ of all click-throughs. (That’s the number of clicks after a search.)
  • The second listing falls to 12% of clicks. Third is around 9%, number 4 is 6%.
  • The first page listings in Google account for 90% of all click-throughs. The whole second page is about 4 1/2%. The whole third page is about almost 2%. It gets smaller and smaller – and that’s NOT a good thing.

What does that mean for you? It means that if you’re not highly ranked, you can really lose a lot of potential traffic (customers, clients and money.) That’s where we come in…

We can’t guarantee first page placement – nobody can*. We do offer a few things, though. We will optimize your site so that when Google comes looking, they find something to grab on to. We help you develop a content plan – one that will help you build relevant content that the search engines just love, but also that your customers will actually want to read. We’ll fiddle under the hood and make sure it’s all where it should be, and that you’re using the optimum settings for optimum traction within Google and – just as importantly – traction with what your customers are looking for. If you have the wrong understanding of what people are searching for when they’re looking for your goods or services, you’re missing the whole mark. We do the legwork so that the end results work

What this means is that your site will move up the rankings – and that is a good, good thing.

We help you understand what Search Engine Optimization means, what it does and what you can really expect. You need a plan, you need consistency and you need a site that actually works with Google – not that damages your chances. We can help with all three. Plus – we can make you look damned good. Did I mention we offer design services, too? BOOM. Cross-sell.


All of this comes with a caveat – not every business in the world would benefit from being #1 on Google. Not every business needs a website. Not every customer base actually uses a computer. If all of this just won’t work for you and actually give you a return on your investment, we’ll be honest about that – and we can help you develop other marketing ideas that WILL work for you. Just adding a little realism into a subject that is sold as if it’s a 100% necessity for everybody out there…

*There are plenty of people out there selling “magic beans.” You trade a lot of money for these beans, and they don’t grow the beanstalk and you don’t find the goose that lays the golden egg. You might avoid the giant, but you’re stuck with a bunch of beans. And no goose. Don’t be suckered into the beans.
Photo credit to this lovely little Etsy shop.

WordPress Website Design:

Elaine Way at needed a site to match her personality and her product. She had a first-page Google site, and while she knew she needed a better look, she didn’t want to harm her search engine placement.

That’s where we came in.

We set her up with a custom WordPress website using Woo Themes and a bunch of other tricks in our box. We cleaned everything up, trimmed a lot of fat and added some easier navigation plus clearer call-to-action.

The result? A good-looking, super functional and really fun site. Elaine can update everything, and she’s mentioned that her contacts have skyrocketed since the new site launched. Nice!

Check out We dig it, the client digs it, and we think you’ll dig it too!

Ecommerce Site Design:

tastesdivineThe fine folks at Tastes Divine contacted us to discuss a design and development of a new ecommerce site for their cupcakes, cookies and corporate gifts. The site they had was – well – it wasn’t good. It also didn’t include a functional ecommerce system, and they needed to sell some goodies. So – we got to work…

The result? A beautiful, functional site built using WordPress (so they can keep it updated,) WooThemes (so it looks and functions great) and WooCommerce (so it sells their wares.) A custom design that is easy to maintain, and an ecommerce system that makes it easy to stock and for customers to buy from. Everyone wins!

Check ’em out here.

Our only complaint is that we have yet to receive a 300 pound box of goodies. We’re waiting…

A New Ecommerce Site in Asheville? Yes!

Garage 34 (downtown on South Lexington) has been a great client, and when they wanted to revamp their website and get rolling with ecommerce, we were super-happy to help ’em out. They’re a terrific group of people, and their product line is diverse and fun – plus they actually give back to the community. Super cool. Check out their store.

Now, since they’re using a point-of-sale system to track inventory, manage transactions and essentially run the store, we needed something that would interface with their system – but was also easy to use. So we built a site using Shopify.

With Shopify (attached to their POS, ShopKeep,) Garage 34 gets a few things:

  • Easy-to-manage and add products.
  • Full compatibility with their inventory and cash register.
  • Sweet looks!
  • Speed and security.
  • Easy updates of pages and their blog.
  • Easy sharing via Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.
  • A lot more.

So – yes, we’re tooting our own horn here. It’s a good looking, slick-functioning site.

Oh – and we redesigned their logo to be a little more feminine. It’s stitchy! GO NOW and BUY!

The Cobbler’s Children Syndrome

Hey, folks! Long time, no blog. Sorry for that. There’s been a tremendous amount of work coming in the door lately – and that is great. But, at the same time, it’s kind of sucked, as I’ve been unable to keep up the blogging momentum. And, as I’ve stated before, momentum is what you need to build a successful blog/online business/social media empire. I want to take over the world with my website, but not at the expense of my clients.

So, while I’ve been hammering away on lots of stuff (Woo Theme based websites, logos for locals and all sorts of printed goods,) I’ve been negligent on this (and many other) blog.

The good news is that the work keeps flowing in, but I’ve also found a good schedule that allows for “spitball time” and for blogging and social media escapades. So – get ready.

One big piece of news – I’m in the process of launching a new website that features a more “business” image of my business. It’ll be a more corporate-styled site that should appeal a little more to the suit-and-tie types. DON’T WORRY -this site won’t change. This site is more “me,” but I’ve also heard from a few trusted business associates that I might want to have a more buttoned-down version. No – it won’t be lame. It’ll just be a little different. That will launch on Black Friday, and there will be an associated giveaway/deal there – so stay tuned. You’ll be reasonably happy that you did.

And in other news: it really is time for some new shoes, which is an ordeal around here. I know that I will eventually just buy another pair of Chucks, but I will have to try on at least 100 other types of shoes before I resign myself to buying the same old same old. The really bad part is that both my Chucks and my boots are both worn out, so this could turn in to 3 months of dragging the family around to every shoe store within a 100 mile radius to find shoes and boots. Then, I’ll just order the same thing I already have from Amazon. The classics, as they say, never die. Unfortunately, shoes do.

Image credit to these folks.

We’re Affiliated Woo Workers! (and why you should care…)

ninjaWe’ve been added to a fairly exclusive fraternity: Affiliated Woo Workers. What does that mean? Why should you care?

Well, see – WooThemes are great WordPress themes and a site frameworks that make really powerful, really flexible and (with our design chops) really beautiful websites.

Being named an Affiliated Woo Worker means we have a high level of understanding of these themes – and all their ins and outs. We know how to design around the framework and to take full advantage of the WooThemes features and products. Want an ecommerce site? Well – WooCommerce is a really great system – and we have a lot of experience building highly functional stores using WooThemes, WooCommerce and WordPress. Want a simple business site? WooThemes has that covered, too.

So – you should care because that means that we can build a beautiful, functional and downright kick-ass website for you – using WooThemes. But, really – even beyond that, we have a great deal of experience with WordPress, and we know how to get your project done right – regardless of the theme.

Want to learn more? Ready to get started? Well…

*Note: Not all our websites are designed and built using WooThemes and WordPress, but most of them are. We do plain HTML sites, Magento sites and everything in between. Let’s discuss…

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