Goodbye Facebook

So Long, Facebook…

goodbyefacebookWell, I’ve finally “pulled the plug,” as it were, on my personal Facebook account. I’m not deleting it, since I sort of need to have it in order to admin my Facebook business pages and the pages of my clients. But – I’m done with Facebook for the time being*. Why? Well, there are a few reasons – and there might be reason somewhere in there for YOU to pull the plug, too.

First, it’s a colossal waste of my time. What am I accomplishing? Don’t get me wrong – I like seeing what everyone is up to and seeing all the cute memes and stuff, but I spend way too much time “seeing” it. I’ve spent a huge number of hours interacting with people that, really, have very little to do with my life outside of Facebook. Is that productive? Hardly. I’ve had a couple of friends here and there contact me through Facebook in order to inquire about my services or ask questions – but, in the end, there has been NO return on the investment of my time. And, you know – I have real life flesh-and-blood friends and family that are way more entertaining and enriching than the pixelated versions that I see on Facebook. If I’m going to spend the time online and away from them and real world, I’d rather that time have some sort of return outside of Facebook “fame.”

Don’t get me wrong – I’m a reasonably narcissistic person. I enjoy people liking what I say, commenting on what I say and telling me how funny/profound/stupid/weird it is. But I have lots of other ways to live out my rock star fantasies, and Facebook is just – well – it’s pointless.

Secondly, I’m a control freak. You know, I post a lot of photos and use a lot of words on Facebook – why should Facebook get to control that? It’s MY stuff (largely,) and I want to have control over who sees it, reuses it and – ultimately – hold against me should the legal system deem that I’m some sort of deviant. Not saying that would ever happen, but with the way our judicial system is going these days, you just never know.

Third, I can use the time, effort and material to better my business. I have a personal blog that I will be using as my rant platform – and I can monetize that blog. Not that a lot of folks are going to be consuming what it is I have to say – but, hell, you never know. I can link back to my site, my work and the things I care about. Backlinks are SEO goodness, and I can use my blog for that reason. Same with my Flickr account. I can still rant and rave and have people see me – but I control where it goes and how it affects what I do.

Now – my personal Facebook page will still have stuff on it. I use a lovely little item called RSSGraffiti to pull posts from my personal blog and this blog onto my Facebook page. My Flickr account actually posts links back to my photos and stuff, so it’s not as if my Facebook friends will miss out on what I’m doing. My extended family will still see photos of the kids. I can still get messages and texts and other stuff, but I won’t get sucked into the time hole of Facebook to do it.

One thing that I will still use Facebook for is market research and staying up on trends. It’s part of my job, and I would be doing myself and my clients a disservice by ignoring the biggest social scene on the planet. I’m just done partaking for any other reason.

Is this course of action right for you? Who knows. But – if you need help in detaching from Facebook and starting to control your digital persona a little more closely, contact me. Want to set up a personal blog with a sweet style? Let’s do it. Who knows – you might just be the next hot thing in the blogosphere. Right after me…

*I try not to use the words “forever” and “never,” as I am fickle and prone to contradicting myself. Just how I roll…
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