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We love Woo. We’re not talking about Ric Flair – although we do love that guy, too. We’re talking about WooThemes. We’ve been into WordPress for many moons, and we’ve been into WooThemes almost as long. WooThemes give us the ability to focus more on the aesthetics and rest assured that the functionality is not only killer, but it’s secure, fast and feature packed. WOOOO!

So, what are WooThemes? Why should you care? WooThemes are WordPress themes that give us a flexible and robust framework to build insanely good-looking websites faster and with more features and more customization. We use WooTheme themes as a starting point – and it’s a beautiful starting point. Since we’re so familiar and comfortable with their functions and framework, we can concern ourselves with the design and let the theme itself nail the function. Woo allows us to create without worry – and that’s a good thing. You get a great-looking site with great functionality, security and robustness.

One of the complaints we’ve heard about WordPress sites (by -ahem- other designers/developers) is that they look “templatey.” That’s not what we do. While we can offer a “budget” site, we pride ourselves on fully custom, branded design – and WooThemes really allows us to attack the design and make it totally custom and – if we do say so ourselves – gorgeous.

WooThemes have some truly amazing features:

  • Flexible: we can make it do what you want, and look how you want. We’re not designing around a framework – we build the framework around the design.
  • Sexy: Did we mention we make these sites look fabulous?
  • Ecommerce-Ready: WooThemes also offers WooCommerce, and we have a great amount of experience with both. Seamless integration and amazingly functional.
  • Search Engine Optimization Ready: Google LOVES WooThemes’ architecture.
  • Standards-Compliant: It works right because it’s built right.
  • Tons of Features: Lots of great shortcodes and bells and whistles really makes your site pop!

See – WooThemes are great. Take the function and add our design ability, and you have the recipe for excellent websites that really stand up and stand out.

Check out our portfolio. A LOT of those are WooTheme-based sites. Then, when you’re ready to get going with your very own Woo site, give us a shout via the form below or the numbers above. WOOOO!

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