Direct & Print Marketing – Old School

While the internet and social media marketing is all the rage, there’s still a place and a time for traditional – and print – marketing.

When paired with a concerted online effort, traditional marketing can really push you to the next level. More asses in the seats, as it were.

Let’s build a multi-part marketing campaign. Done right – it gets it done right…

Everyone is all about internet marketing these days. Sure – it’s great, and it certainly works – but the more traditional marketing techniques are still alive and kicking. Sometimes, depending upon the client or the audience, it’s a way more important piece than it’s given credit for in these days of the dot com.

We take this part of our jobs very seriously. Well-designed and well-thought-out marketing campaigns can really put your business on the map and get more folks through the door – even it’s a virtual shop, your garage or an office in Biltmore Park. We know the media outlets, we work with printers and shippers, we gather the demographics, and we put your message in front of throngs of YOUR consumer.

Postcards, direct mail, catalogs, flyers, brochures, rack cards – we do it all. From design to print to placement, Blue Dozen has you covered. But, it doesn’t end with tangible pieces. We’re big on concept (have you noticed?) and we’re always thinking of interesting ways to promote your business – contests, giveaways, parties, events, guerilla marketing – we love that stuff. We can build low-cost, fun and – most importantly – effective traditional marketing campaigns that really drive eyeballs. Pair that with our killer SEO services and our (always brilliant) design, and you build the better mousetrap.

There’s a lot involved. There’s a lot of moving pieces when it comes to marketing.

We make it easy – fill out form below, or give us a jingle at 828-333-4639. Let’s get rolling.

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