PPC & Online Advertising

PPC (Pay-per-click) and online advertising can be a great way to get highly targeted visitors to your website or Facebook page or whatever, but if it’s not done properly, it can be a waste of time and money. With due diligence up front and a clever headline or design, PPC and banner ads can be a real boon to traffic and business. Get it front of the right folks with the right message or image, and you can expect big results.

That’s where Blue Dozen comes in.

We research your audience, their search and surfing habits, and build a campaign that reaches the right folks – and makes them click through to your “money” page. That’s the other thing here – if you get a click and they come to a lame site or page, you’re not gaining much. Clicks are great when they’re targeted, but what do they do AFTER the click. Let’s quantify what you want to do, what you want your viewers to do, and what a successful PPC/banner ad campaign looks like FOR YOU. Again – there is no cookie-cutter design or thought that will work for everyone. Let’s examine you, your business, and your “clickers,” and develop a custom campaign that works for you.

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