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We were into advertising before Mad Men was a twinkle in some script-writer’s eye. We know the ins, the outs, the Xactos, the Rubylith and the real players. Advertising has changed, we’ve changed with it – but the principles are still the same. Just wish there was more time for Xactos.

James and His Dad - Generational Ad MenOh, how I fondly remember the art room at my dad’s advertising agency. The Bestine, the coffee, the smell of stale Pall Malls. Mostly, though – I remember creativity and fun.

Advertising agencies, in some ways, are a thing of the past. But in essence, that’s what Blue Dozen Design is – an advertising agency. Ad men used to be a little bit more buttoned-up, but the cause is still the same – make cool designs, put them in magazines or newspapers or on television, and get them SEEN.

Today, with the advent of the interwebs, advertising has taken on a bit of a different meaning – and there are some different mechanics involved. Today, there are blog ads, PPC ads, Facebook ads, vehicle wraps, billboards (ok – those have been around a long time) and all sorts of other available avenues to fire advertising at. And, there’s still the traditional stuff – newspapers, magazines, radio & television. Some of these things are cheap, some can be expensive. Truth is, though – no matter how little or how much your advertising budget is, you want to make sure you’re getting as much out of that spend as possible. Plus, you really don’t want to look like a 6 year old designed and developed your advertising. (I’m looking at YOU, Asheville Radio Group.)

That’s where we come in. We develop your aesthetic and design your collateral, we brainstorm the path and source the advertising – then we get it out there. We make sure it’s attractive, interesting and that it gets your message across. You win.

While we don’t get a chance to do it much anymore, we do do (heheh) television commercials. Check out some of our (old) work here.

Ready to get serious about your advertising? Fill out the form below or give us a jingle at 828-333-4639 and let’s go Mad Men.

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