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When I was about 16, I got a job at a screen printing shop. I manned the rotary press as it was printing, as I recall, tote bags for the US Post Office. I slopped ink into the screens for 8 hours. For 3 days. I made fifty bucks. I bought a stereo for my truck so I could listen to the Misfits while I drove around Asheville. I never wanted to do that again. I realized that the guys in the office, designing the tote bags and doing the separations were cooler than I was*. I wanted to be in the office.

Why should you care? You shouldn’t. Why tell that story? To demonstrate that we’ve been at all ends of the screen printing spectrum. From design to production, art room to the back end of dryers. We’ve done it all.

Today, we’re quite happy and extremely comfortable designing for screen printing and apparel. We have a ton of experience with the process, and with our design acumen, we know how to make some exceptionally nice tshirts, hoodies and apparel of all sorts.

Need to have it printed? We MUST recommend best screen printing shop in Asheville, Image 420 for all your screen printing and promotional materials needs. They’re sterling people and they do the best work of any shop we’ve ever seen. Seriously – give them a holler if you’re looking to get something screen printed.

When you’re ready to have a great shirt designed (or anything else, for that matter,) check out our portfolio and give us a shout using the form below.

*Literally. They had air conditioning, and most of the time, screen printing production floors are rather muggy. I melt.

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