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It’s really not difficult to explain this one. Your logo design is the face of your company. Do you want to be Joseph Merrick or Nick Rhodes*? Choose wisely.

Since your logo is usually the first thing that the public sees, it’s a good idea to have an impactful, intelligent design that says a bit about your company, product or idea. If your logo is flat or lame or boring, that’s the impression that your customers start off with. Not good.

You want your logo to be memorable, too. There’s a reason that people worldwide recognize and remember the Coca Cola logo. They got a good logo, stuck with it, and now they have brand recognition that makes it easy to sell caramel colored sugar water to the entire universe. Brilliant – and that recognition is what you’re after. But that recognition is much, much more difficult if your logo sucks, is outdated or just doesn’t speak to your customer.

That’s where Blue Dozen Design comes in. We design logos. Killer logos (even if we do say so ourselves…)

We’ve been designing logos for a long, long time. From professional sports teams to tiny restaurants to big banks – we’ve given them all quality, memorable and super-terrific logo design.

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*This is a clip from Derek, a Netflix original series. Super-funny, heartwarming and a really good watch. Check it out.

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