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This is really where it all starts. We started in 1999 as a graphic design house – but since then, we’ve added a lot of rooms.

Still, it all begins with killer, fresh design. Nothing preconceived, nothing stale – just well thought out and white hot graphic design.

We’ve been doing graphic design so long that we actually remember stuff like Letraset board, press-type, wax machines, Bestine and line tape. Yeah – that long.

In that time, we’ve designed just about everything you can imagine – and we’ve seen the mechanics of design change. But, at the same time – the design itself hasn’t really changed. It still takes a lot of thought, a lot of scratch paper, and a lot of elbow grease. Sure, we’re using a mouse more and a Rapidograph less, but the kernel of graphic design is immutable. It’s creativity, brevity and simplicity. That’s where Blue Dozen Design lives. Well, that and West Asheville.

Blue Dozen Design offers just about any graphic design service you can imagine – from logo design to sign painting (yes, by hand) to tshirt design to print and collateral work. We’ve been in business in Asheville since 1999 – and we pride ourselves on our graphic design. It’s where it all started – and it’s where we really shine.

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Graphic Design Brain Dump

Not only do we perform graphic design miracles – we blog about ’em too. Check out a sampling below. If you want to see more, be sure to check out The Brain Dump. It’s sure to be interesting. Or something.

Vector vs Raster - Files for Logo Designs

Your Logo – Vector vs Raster

"Yeah - I've got a logo. You can just grab it off our website." That's not something any designer wants to hear. You need a VECTOR version of your logo - especially if you plan on using it anywhere but the web. What does that really mean, and how can you get there? You didn't think I'd raise a question and not give an (absolutely correct and overly folksy) answer. Come on, I'm not THAT guy...
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