Blue Dozen Design Does Logo, Web, Graphic, Print, Poster, Tshirt, All That Jazz & Then Some.

We design things. It’s pretty simple.

We’ve designed things ranging from cheap tshirts to full-blown ecommerce sites. From ink pens to trade show displays. In our years (and years and years and years) of experience in design, we’ve really done it all. We enjoy taking that experience, crumpling it up and throwing it away and starting fresh with each client. We have experience, but we’re not weighed down by it. Every job is new. Every client is fresh. Every project deserves just as much attention and creativity as the last. We have short-term memory deficits when it comes to design.

Graphic design is where we started, and graphic design is really where Blue Dozen Design shines.

Below, you can see some descriptions of the types of the design work we do. There are also links to our portfolio. Check ’em out. Then, let’s get rolling.

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Logo & Identity Design

Really, this is one of the biggest decisions you can make with your business, whether you’re a start up, an existing business looking to rebrand, or if you’re just looking for some polish. Your logo is the face of your business – and it HAS to look great.

Our logo design process examines your audience, takes an overview of your business and your competitors, and thoroughly examines what your logo needs to be. We leave no stone un-turned in order to deliver a logo design that fits, looks great and will function for years to come.

Print & Advertising Design

If you are going to pay good money to have an advertisement in a magazine, it better look good. That’s where we come in.

We’ve designed countless newspaper ads, magazine ads, billboards, postcards and all that stuff. There’s plenty of that in our portfolio. We’ve also done boatloads of letterhead, envelopes, business cards and stationery design. It’s something that we take pretty seriously – because when you get down to it, having a box (or a dozen boxes) of crappy-looking printed stuff laying around the office is like having a box of money that you can’t use.

Get real, get real good design and get some really good looking printed stuff.

We not only design for print, but we can help you get your stuff printed. Click here for more information on our printing services. Click below to learn more about our print design services.

Poster & Collateral Design

Collateral design? What is it? Well – it’s really all sorts of printed goods that don’t really fall into the print design category. Trade show booths, banners, vehicle wraps, signage, etc. There’s all sorts of stuff that this covers – and it’s all the sort of stuff we’ve done lots of.

Collateral design is an important consideration, as you really want all your pieces to fit together to provide a cohesive package that fits your branding and your business.

We do that. Check out our collateral portfolio, and click below to learn a little more about our collateral design process and abilities.

Tshirt & Apparel Design

James’ first job out of college was tailing a dryer at a screen print shop. It was at that time that he decided that designing tshirts and apparel was way more fun than sitting at the end of a 600 degree dryer in August. See, designers usually have air conditioning. Print production – not so much.

We’ve been designing tshirts, hoodies and all sorts of wearable stuff ever since. Plus, we also print the goods. Check out a few of our ready-to-buy print designs here. You can also see some fabulous children’s clothing design at

With a few centuries (really) of screen printing design experience, we know how to design for the press. We make it look good. Then, we make it.

Infographic Design

Got some info? Need it to be interesting? Need some graphical oomph behind that info? We do that.

Infographics are super-hot right now. They’re great for social media, great for SEO and great to print as a poster or a flyer. Infographics let you present a lot of information – that might otherwise be kind of boring – in a way that’s digestible and entertaining. Kind of like us…

But – we love infographics. We’re nerds.

Illustration & Fine Art

Really, art is where it’s at. Graphic design IS art – but we also enjoy the more esoteric aspects of illustration, painting and all the more “traditional” art forms.

Sometimes, you need a good illustration to get your point across. Blue Dozen can help. We’re just as comfortable with a pen and a piece of paper as we are with a mouse and a scanner.

We do art. Hell – we ARE art. And, by “art” I mean somewhat weird and indefinable.