Content – You Need It. We Make It.

We love making content. Copy writing? Yep. Blog Posts? Yep.
Memes and Social Stuff and Photos and Videos & everything in between.
To stay fresh and relevant, you need fresh and relevant content. ON BRAND content that is
valuable, sharable and memorable. We deliver, you stand out.

Custom Content Generation

Content – whether it’s blog posts or magazine articles or press releases or social media quips – is a massively important part of your branding and marketing package. You need strong, on-brand content that’s catered to you, your audience and your message. You need killer design, certainly – and we’ve got you covered from that end – but that design needs to be married with killer words and ideas to be as effective as you need it to be.

For a lot of folks, creating content is a stone drag – they’d rather be doing ANYTHING else for their business. That’s where Blue Dozen steps in. We can help you set up your content plan, design the bits and write the parts – and then we can help you broadcast it to the universe.

Content? It’s king. Hail to the king, baby!*

*Name that quote and we’ll give you 5% off your content bill. No Googling!

Content Strategy

All the killer content in the world is way less valuable if it’s not properly placed and timed. When should you post it, and where is going to be the most effective outlet? We can help. We build the content, we give you the schedule, and we give you the strategy to make it all effective.

If we develop your content, we’re already working on the strategy. If you’ve got good content but need a plan to help you roll it out in it’s most effective form, we got that, too.

Copy Writing

You’re probably not a journalist, and you may or may not have a degree in English. Honestly, we’re not journalists or English majors either – but we know our way around copy. One of the best parts of our jobs (and we mean this) is getting to slice and dice ideas and boil them down into good, readable, compelling copy.

If we’re copy writing for a website, we take human readability and search engine placement into account – and we keep your message hard-hitting, compact and intelligent. We love copy writing – and we’d love to do it for you!


We get it – nobody has time to blog. It can be time-consuming to come up with a 500 word blog post once a week (or even once a month.) If writing isn’t your bag, blogging can be a drag.*

With blogging, you need to consider a couple of audiences – your actual reader, and those big, bad search engines out there. We write (or we show you how to write) killer, SEO-forward blog posts that are compelling, interesting and sharable. Good for robots – better for people.

Social Media

Precisely how damned many times can you post a photo of your dog? Does anyone really care what you think about the state of beer in Asheville? Answers: a lot – and yes. That’s fine – you do what you want with your personal social media.

Social media for business, though, is different. You need fresh, relevant content that compels folks to share, like, retweet, repost and essentially market YOU for free. How do you do that? We can help. We define and refine your message, get it all nailed down and on-brand – and then we show you how to optimally place and time those posts to get the most bang for your buck.

Don’t become part of the white noise. Do something different, do something effective, do something memorable.

& Vimeo

Holy crap, is video hot! Vimeo and YouTube are easily sharable – and the link juice they pass back to your website can be enormous. But – how? How do you make a sweet video?

You call Blue Dozen.

Not only can we idea up your video, we can script it, get it shot, get it edited and get it posted. We can help you properly optimize your video so you get more views and make sure you get the search engine traction your sweet new video deserves.

Branded Content Creation

Do you already have a modus operandi or a style guide? We can stick to it. We can expand on your current efforts, keep it all on brand and get it out there in a cohesive, hard-driving way. A big part of branding is keeping it consistent – and Blue Dozen does that. With style, flair and – of course – our killer design.

We want to be part of your team – we want to help you tell your story. And, really, if you’ve already written part of the book, we want to help you keep it going. Think a 5-book trilogy*. That’s our speed.

*Yeah – We base everything off The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

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