Branding: Who You Are is What We Do

It’s a vision quest in reverse. Before you head into the jungle, you must know who you are.
What quest are you are on? Why should people follow? Do you have travel plans in order?
Did you bring your first-aid kit? Take the medicine men (and women) of Blue Dozen along. Our branding juju is strong…

We go deep into the canopy to reveal the facets of your brand and explore the landscape in which it lives—market, consumers and competitors alike.

We reach into our medicine bag to lay hands on what’s working in your favor and what isn’t.

We then use what we discover to clearly define what makes your brand unique, interesting, and attractive to the natives and the outside world. We make sure you’re on point in all the right ways to appeal to the folks funding your quest.

We conjure strong forces to get to what works for you, your consumer and your brand. Developing your unique presence, grounded by its core meaning; we tell your story and shine torch on how awesome you truly are.

Old school or new school—whatever media or channel best fits your brand’s potential—we find clever ways to use it to your advantage. Your customers will experience your brand in the most organic, enjoyable and accessible way possible.

It’s time to partner with people who are absolutely mental about brand.

We beg of you…

Let us go nuts!

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Your Logo is Not a Brand

To Begin Your Quest, You Must First Define Your Brand…

Here’s some stuff you’re going to need to think about on your journey.


What’s the core purpose of your business? What inspires you to get up at the ass crack of dawn and forge into the battledome of hearts, minds and dollars?  You love what you do, or maybe you’re just damn good at it. Whatever it is, you need to identify why you do what you do and express it cohesively in your values, words, and visual approach to the world.


Your position in the market is the revelation of your niche intention. It’s the perception you want to burn in your customer’s mind. Your position should resonate with uniqueness to stay top-of-mind with your next and best zealot. Moreover, customers need to see your position validating itself in compellingly ways, constantly, and consistently.  Strong intentions positioned properly buttress your sacred architecture, and act as the cornerstone for long term business growth.

Market Opportunity

Now, all the unique brand positioning in the world doesn’t mean jack if you’re attempting to market Alpaca bikinis to Vegan nudists. That’s just dumb, and we’ll tell you to your face–“Uh, that’s just dumb!” But we won’t leave you scampering off to lick our wounds. We’ll hand you a Wet-Nap to mop up your broken dreams.

Having saved you millions, we promise not to leave you defeated! We’ll help you figure out makertplace gaps so you can exploit opportunities which may be hiding in plain sight. 

Key Messages

Bolstering your brand position. is messaging. Messaging is the distillation of your core business sentiments. “Soundbites of your true meaning,” if you will. Done properly, your employees, customers, and the general public will latch on to these messages without thinking too much.

Messaging can frame what you are, what you are not, why you’re unique, what you stand for, what you do and why anyone should care. These messages should be tempered by an authentic voice, tone and manner which perfectly reflects your brand. Strength of messaging is gauged by what you say strategically, clearly, and consistently in the proper context.

Messaging is the seminal vehicle for your brand becoming a cult. However, before you buy the compound, all your evangelists need the same bible. When your messaging becomes scripture, everyone subscribes.

Brand Expression

Blue Dozen Design takes no joy in dragging ponies to horse shows.  That’s why we aim to launch your soon-to-be 10-million-dollar stud straight out of the gate.

Using the power of our collective brain we mind lock into a transcendental future vision of [insert your business name here] and man, do you look good!  You’ve blown up! You’re everywhere!

We knew that would happen.

Since context and scalability are huge components of brand success, your brand needs to communicate clearly with continuity across all media platforms.

Whether it social, pay-per-click advertising, branded environments, customized content, swag or whatever’s clever on Tuesday…

Our promise to you is this; there’s no brand we develop without a healthy dose of inner Chuck Norris.  Like Chuck, our process creates brands that kick ass everywhere they go.


What is a brand promise?

It goes a little something like this:

I do solemnly swear, to [BE/DO/OFFER THIS RESULT] every time you engage my brand.

How you arrive at this promise is pretty easy:

1. The result of the promise should be something the customer wants. When considering what you want to promise (think carrot over stick.)

2. It should be rooted in the values and meaning of your brand.

3.  You HAVE to be able to keep the promise. ALWAYS.

Your customers give you their hard-earned, well-loved dollars? They want value, they want to trust you.

If your brand were getting married, these would be its number 1 wedding vow.

We help you write it.

Reason to Believe

Can I get a witness?


So, you’ve made a promise to your customer? That’s easy. But now you have to earn their trust. Positive stats, growth figures, proof points in Power Point and even the tried-and-true, super-powerful heartfelt testimonial are all great. But nothing compares to a one-on-one experience.

This gives people a reason to believe that you’ll never let them down. That you can be trusted and–as with any relationship–trust is key.

Blue Dozen Design considers how your unique position in the marketplace can be leveraged into intelligent choices for interacting and building trust with the audiences who matter most.

Competitive Analysis

Who are your key competitors? What are they doing right?  Where are they missing opportunities? What areas can they compete where you cannot or do not want to? What will it take to gain market share?

In order for your your brand to break out, stand up, stand out and take over…

Blue Dozen Will:

  • Glare with steadfast determination into the soul of your competitors
  • Extract insights from their strengths and weaknesses
  • Discover opportunities differentiation
  • Develop your unique market position

Brand Architecture

Brand Architecture. The proverbial Now & Later.

Whether today sees your business as a single product or service, or as a many-tentacled beastie, the likes of which might astound Formidible Cthulhu. Blue Dozen Design has the knowhow to dissect and reform brand architecture to assure your brand and sub-brands consistently keep the faith within existing lines and  categories while allowing for growth into new ones.

Creative Elements


No really, you look freakin’ AMAZING!!!

This is what we want you to hear every time your brand hits fresh eyeballs. We do this like water is to fish, like air is to kites, like well– it’s just what we do–we make you look awesome!

Blue Dozen Design can ideate and design everything you need to put your brand into high gear. From logos, to color exploratory, brand palette guidelines, typography sets, source imagery, visual messaging and iconography. We got this!

We develop sick visual identities which resonate with everyone at the party, and we’re not just a pretty face– we’re rooted in deep meaning–so, there’s brains under this wig hat.

(Put your name on the dance card below if you feel me.)

Consumer Insights

A lot of people employ qualitative and quantitative tests to gain insights. They get dudes is ties, and ladies in pearls to administer sets of questions from canned questionnaires, in unnatural environments. More often than not this is a huge waste of resources for a small business owner.

There are common sense ways to gain insight, and we use anything and everything at all to get a wrangle what makes your target audience think you’re got it over our competition like a tent.

Blue Dozen Design can figure out just what itch your customer needs scratched to open their wallet. No fancy pants jackamo required.


This is the part where we ask you all sorts to seemingly stupid questions.


If your brand were a war eagle from the future, what color lasers would shoot out its ass when it got angry? Cat or Dog? Dinner or Lunch?  Constantin Brancusi or Glenn Barr? Does your spirit animal eat corn? What do you do when you reach the end of your patience with and impossibly FOREVER glitter spill?

See, we’re kind of in the business of psychological profiling, but without all the sinister murdery stuff that usually goes along with such shenanigans.

Rather, we’re traversing peaks and valleys of your brand personality. Now just so we don’t offend your brand’s delicate ego spelunking ourselves into any unforeseen pent up rage from it’s early childhood, let’s just say this for the record, we’re really here to help.

Like people, brands have some funk in their personalities. Blue Dozen Design give yours the ol’ once over with a precision file–smoothing corners and polishing behavior as we go.

We’ll have you straightened out faster than you can say Zyprexa.

Branding – It’s for the Long Haul

Brands are like children .

They’re born, grow, evolve, mature and require maintenance to remain vital. Whether your brand is a newborn or a grumpy old codger, we can help yours remain relevant.

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