We Bring All the Jungle Creatures Together.
The Wind is at Our Call.
We are the Witch Doctors of Web Design & Development. Logos, Branding & Identity. Marketing. Graphic Design. Print Design. Tomfoolery.

Web Design & Development Services

Ready to dance around the fire of the world wide web? We are, too.

Branding Services in Asheville NC

Start with a strong brand. It makes the broth better.

Graphic Design Services Asheville North Carolina

We design things that make the spirits smile.

Marketing Services North Carolina

Get more eyeballs. Figuratively. Maybe literally. Up to you.

Content Strategy and Generation

You need content to stay ahead of the tribe. We got that.

Web Development Bones

Blue Dozen Design has been boiling cauldrons of hot design with eye of web development since 1999 – but that’s not all the ancestors put us here to do…

We put our shrunken heads into marketing to the masses. We hit search engine optimization with a voodoo so strong that a monkey foot will seem weak in comparison. Branding? Yes – we build brands and read hands while we dance. Websites flow out of our rolled back eyes and into the darkened sky of the devices of the shambling horde. We work our juju, we shake the chicken paw, we rub the bad charm – and you walk away a convert. A stylish, gorgeous and well-thought-out convert.

We run through the jungle to learn YOUR story – and we build spells and incantations that get you looking sharp, get you seen and make your magic stronger than ever. We raise our hands, the night stands still – and we summon the power of the ancestors to manifest in your project – web, design, logo, branding, marketing, soup or lawn maintenance. We summon, you win, the universe wins.

Branding Bones
Web, Design, Branding and Marketing in North Carolina

To really list all that we do would read like a witch doctor’s shopping list to a lot of folks out there – eye of newt, ayahuasca ingredients, loin cloth, etc. But, that’s what we’re here for. We’re here to know the terminology, have the industry contacts and the years (and years, and years) of experience to help take any project and see it through to an ultimate, awesome and gorgeous product. Be it web site design, logos, branding, marketing, banners, packages, screen printing – anything, we have the voodoo you’re looking for.

We make projects easy because we meditate and throw the bones and dance around the fire of every aspect of the creative process – and we let you sit back and enjoy the show.

Also – for what it’s worth: This is a joke. We’re not into voodoo or anything else in particular, really. We don’t discriminate due to race, sexuality, religion or view on humor. We deliver terrific design, marketing, web sites, branding and printed ephemera to everyone. We have a lot of fun – but we take our work very, very seriously. Monkey foot or not.

Get Your Brand Mojo Working
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