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Are you missing out on 27% of possible traffic? If someone pulls your site up on their phone, does it look good? Does it even work?   Man, I hope so. Make your site responsive. Do it now!

The Local Search Association says that 27% of local searches come from non-PC devices. Are you ready? Is your site ready? See, non-PC devices are things like phones, tablets, netbooks and all that stuff. The stuff with the tiny, odd-shaped screens. If someone is looking for you on their tablet or phone, will they A – find you, and B – be able to use your site? You better hope they’re able to do both.

Responsive design is a little bit of a buzzword in the web design field. For good reason. If your site isn’t mobile-ready or responsive, you’re missing out on a HUGE swathe of potential customers. It’s not that they can’t see your site – it’s that they can get irritated having to scroll all over the place, links that aren’t easy to hit with their thumbs or – even worse – that your site just doesn’t work. Do you want to give up on them?

No – you don’t.

We design and develop responsive websites. We also design and develop mobile-only versions of sites. That way, no matter who shows up on your site, no matter what sort of device they’re using, you’re putting your best foot forward and your information in their hands in a format they can actually USE. Sometimes, a responsive site is more appropriate. Other times, a dedicated mobile site is the key. We help you determine the best course of action – then, we build a site that works for you, your customer and their absurd telephone. I mean, really – what’s up with those phones that are the size of a small tablet. Who uses those things, anyway?*

When you’re ready to get a responsive site or a dedicated mobile site, we’re ready. Check out our portfolio (they’re not ALL responsive) or fill out the form below to get rolling.

*If you’re using one of those phones, we’re not talking about you. You and your phone are awesome, baby!

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