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Ready to get rolling? We are, too.

Our process is simple – fill out the form to the right, and we’ll get back to you with a general quote. If it’s in your budget, we’ll move on to gather more information (through conversations, meetings and some clever questionnaires) and then give you a firm quote. Then, once you’re wowed by our prices, professionalism and customer care, we’ll get started on your project.

Of course, you’re ALWAYS welcome to call 828-333-4639 if you’re local, or collect if you’re somewhere outside the zone or if you actually pay for long distance. C’mon – it’s 2016. Isn’t it time you had unlimited long distance?

Anyway – we look forward to hearing from you, and we are excited to give you a piece of our minds…

General Terms & Policies

  • Rule #1 – We’re going to be picky, and we expect YOU to be just as picky. We want to work with the right people. If we feel we’re not a match, we’ll let you know. Life’s too short to play with folks that just aren’t in your tree. I mean, it must be high or low. Sorry – I digress. You’ll get used to it.
  • We ALL need to know what to expect. We’ll develop a detailed statement of work and all agree on it before any work starts or any money changes hands. This way, we’ll have all the details, and everyone knows what they’re doing and what they’re getting. We have some voodoo that we do – but we let you in on that voodoo. We want to be transparent, and we expect our partners to be transparent as well. Like, see-through.
  • Signed contract with all projects. We can provide a copy of our boilerplate upon request. This is a must for ALL projects, no matter how large or small. This protects everyone, and it keeps us on track, within scope and on budget.
  • Non-disclosure agreements where appropriate or requested.
  • Deposit of 1/2 of complete project cost due at project onset – prior to work starting. The remainder will be broken down into 2 chunks payable at defined points in the process. ALL outstanding invoices must be paid before launch or project hand-off.
  • We accept cash, credit cards, PayPal and “creative commerce.” We’re open to barter, within reason. We are always open to discussion, as we want to provide excellent design to everyone. We’re flexible. If your budget doesn’t give you the Cadillac, we can help you into a nice, functional and still pretty darned good-looking Kia.
  • You own the final product. We own the preliminary rounds and all roughs. We can sign documents releasing ownership. We reserve the right to use finished work in our portfolio, on our blog on for display purposes across our social media outlets. We’d be happy to provide links back to you. Just ask. Also, we request a link on any sites we build – but this is optional. Also, if you want us to keep it quiet and not show the (outstanding) work we’ve done for you, we’re happy to comply. Again – just ask.
  • NO SPEC WORK, NO FREE WORK. We just can’t. Thanks for your understanding. Sticking to this just makes the work better and everyone happier. If we decide to undertake work, there will be a clear payment structure – even if that payment is in-kind or creative commerce. We provide a valuable, professional service. We have kids and families and pets and cars and pay taxes. It has to work out for everyone.
  • We don’t like bidding. This might be a bit touchy – but the truth is that when developers/designers/creatives get in a pissing match over compensation, it winds up hurting everyone involved. We do what we do – and we’d like to be selected solely on talent and ability – not our desire to cut a deal. We’d like to believe that we stand out enough that you want to pay us to join your team. This isn’t to say we won’t bid – it’s just that we’re not getting into a bidding war with every other agency in the world. Like what we do? Terrific – let’s talk.