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Real Estate Website Design with WordPress? You bet…

santafeWordPress web design for real estate makes a lot of sense. Real estate agents and agencies need the ability to update the site regularly, and they need to have a site that is seen by Google. Add to that the need to have a really good-looking site, and you have the perfect client for our favorite CMS.

We have a great working relationship with Build Real Estate Results, and we’ve worked with them on countless websites. They’re great folks – and they’ve brought us a bunch of great clients. Nobel Davis at Santa Fe Exclusives is one such great client.  She needed a lot of features and a lot of customization. We were happy to help. Plus, Kathleen at BRER had the content and the page structure ready to roll – and the site came out (if we do say so ourselves) great…

Some features:

  • WordPress for easy management.
  • Lots of custom widget areas.
  • Gorgeous design.
  • Killer content.
  • A nifty Flash-based map of their coverage.
  • A whole lot more.

So – if you’re in Santa Fe and need a home – visit Nobel’s site. If you’re in need of a website and you’re anywhere in the world, contact us. We’re here. We’re ready. Let’s go.