Get Leads from Facebook - Day 2

Prospecting for Business on Facebook? You can do it! I‘ve found that a great number of businesses and people can actively promote themselves and LAND CLIENTS & CUSTOMERS on Facebook. No weird stuff – no being a salesman. It’s all about smoothness… This will be a 6 day series. It’s a lot of stuff – but guarandamnteed to be worth the read if you want to do a little prospecting on Facebook.

Generate REAL LEADS on Facebook – DAY 2


You’re in groups now. You picked some good ones, you’ve been accepted in and you’re ready to start selling. Right?

Pump the breaks. Don’t go all salesman. Take your time.

Now that you’re in the group, take a couple of days to survey the scene. Are people being cool? Are you in line with what’s going on, or is everyone in the group just selling stuff to each other?

If the group is cool and you could actually see yourself spending time there – you’re ready to start. SLOWLY.

First thing to do is to start liking stuff. Heart stuff. Read what people are doing. See where their “pain points” are. Are they looking for services, or are they just chatting? Telling jokes, posting memes? See what the culture of the groups are, and start formulating the type of value YOU are going to offer the groups.

The value you offer needs to start slowly. Be a contributing, active member – without dropping your spam and links and sales pitches all over the place.

Ingratiate yourself to the group. Take your time. You’re trying to build trust BEFORE you build sales.

This starts slowly – and you really only want to interact with groups where you can add value and actually have fun being yourself. Don’t jump into groups where you feel like you have to be a phony – because phonies WILL be found out eventually.

Take it slow, make it natural – don’t “like” everything from everyone. Like stuff you actually like. Again, no room for phonies.

Do this for a few days before you start actually talking. By bolstering others’ posts, you’ll be offering them a little value and prove that you’re listening without trying to sell them anything. Trust. It’s a good thing. People will remember your likes, and they’ll be much more likely to like what you’re putting down – when you start putting it down.

Start commenting. But do it right – or you’ll turn people off.