Getting Leads from Facebook - Day 1

Prospecting for Business on Facebook? You can do it! I‘ve found that a great number of businesses and people can actively promote themselves and LAND CLIENTS & CUSTOMERS on Facebook. No weird stuff – no being a salesman. It’s all about smoothness… This will be a 6 day series. It’s a lot of stuff – but guarandamnteed to be worth the read if you want to do a little prospecting on Facebook.

Generate REAL LEADS on Facebook – DAY 1


Find some groups to join – as yourself. Don’t join as your business page. Be very specific about what groups you join. Some ideas:

  • Groups of people whose lifestyles or jobs will lead them to need your services. Say you’re a lawyer. Getting into groups of business people, entrepreneurs or investing groups might be a good idea.
  • Groups that have your target demographic. If you know the ages and lifestyles of your customer, you know where they’re hanging out.
  • Groups that are local. Hop in to the local discussion. You’d be surprised how many people – in your back yard – are looking for all sorts of services and products.
  • If you sell any sort of design or business product or service, entrepreneur groups are GREAT. Those guys need lots of stuff!

Some helpful hints:

  • Don’t join giant groups. It’s hard to make a dent.
  • Don’t join groups that are full of competitors or people directly in your industry. Your customers probably aren’t in there.
  • Look at the group a little closer before you join. You can tell a good bit about the group by the members profiles. Do a little sleuthing.
  • Don’t join a million. Join 5-6 to start with. You’re going to want to actively engage in these groups for a while. If you join too many, you’ll get too involved and it’ll become a time suck.

I’ll talk about how to start engaging without looking like a used car salesman…