Logo, Branding & Identity Design Portfolio

A high-quality logo design is one of the most important pieces of your branding puzzle. It‘s your brand’s face – and what do want that face to be? Less Buddy Hackett, more Marilyn Monroe. You should be good looking. It’s important, unless you’re in to turning people off.

Not only do you need a great looking logo, you need a logo that fits. It needs to be good looking, and it must be well thought-out and researched and custom crafted to fit you and your business. Who are you? What’s your “vibe?” What sets you apart? What are your strengths? Why are you better? We explore those questions, and we develop logos based on that exploration, your input and a lot of creative thinking. We come at each logo and client with a fresh approach, and that allows us to develop logos and identity packages that not only look great, but that actually fit who you are.

You get creative solutions and fresh thinking with every logo design and identity package. Nothing cookie cutter, nothing stale or contrived or ho-hum. Super-model good looks every time. Check out our a few of our designs below. Then, give us a call. We’d love to give you a makeover, darling.