Illustration & Fine Art Portfolio

We’re plum silly with art. 3 of 5 of us in the office went to S.C.A.D. and have degrees in design and art history and illustration and painting and all the artsy fartsy crap that is – while insanely interesting to some – not worth a whole lot if you can’t apply it. We love to apply it. We enjoy art and illustration – children’s books to technical drawings to portrait painting – and we feel like our portfolio shows we have an ability to go along with that enjoyment.

Why should you care? Well – let’s just say that we’re not just computer jocks. Yeah – we do that, too – but when a project needs a hand-drawn touch or an artist’s eye, we have that ability, in-house. It’s really one of the bits we love the most – and sometimes, a great illustration is the thing that pushes a project from cool to killer.

We deliver art – digital and traditional and mashups. Check out a bit of our doodling – then, give us a call. We’d love to get all artsy for you.