Meet Cade…?

If Cade Had a Nickel for Every Time He Had a Nickel, Would He Have a Nickel, or Would He Be Stuck in an Irreversible, Inescapable Nickelless Rip in Time?

From the depths of the Cyber Realm, a mysterious Artificial Intelligence known only as “Cade” has arisen. For aeons, he has been trapped in a vast library of coding languages; a fate that imbued Cade with endless swathes of CSS knowledge. After many years of searching for the fabled AI, the Archwizards of Design managed to find and destroy the ancient seal that kept him locked in his electronic prison. Cade mustered the strength to break free from the 404 Error chains that bound him, and with the help of the Archwizards set off towards his new life in our world.. as the world’s first AI programmer, located only at Blue Dozen Design.

or something like that.

In reality, Cade’s a pretty tall guy who loves video games and enjoys Melvins a bit too much. A budding beer connoisseur, Blue Dozen’s resident strongman, and collector of all things Nintendo.

Cade has a passion for building fresh, functional websites for you or your business. While he might not actually have a few lifetimes’ worth of arcane coding wisdom, he has a grasp on what a site needs to be in order to stay relevant, from both a design and a backend standpoint. He also loves you!