Meet Beth…

If Beth had a dime for every time she heard “mommy!,” she’d own the entire planet, most of Mars
and a good chunk of that weird octagon on the pole of Saturn.

Beth is too self-deprecating to write about herself so I (James, the Great and Powerful Oz) will write a mushy sentiment. Keep in mind I mean every damned bit of it. If you don’t like it, you can take a flying leap off the nearest overpass – or just look at the rest of the site. It’s not nearly as sickening…

Beth is my wife, my companion and my best friend. She has a talent that reaches beyond a page or a pixel or a word. She’s beautiful and she doesn’t know it. She tracks a veritable herd of children, both as loving shepherd and ever vigilant watchdog. She home schools the lot of 5 and still has time to make the best damned biscuit I’ve ever eaten. She keeps my coffee hot and my soul cool. Without this woman – this sparkling, special, wondrous soul -Blue Dozen Design would not exist. Quite literally.

I know from having been at her side for 25+ years that her integrity and heart is beyond question. If you are lucky enough to meet and work with Beth, you’ll see what I mean. The beauty of her being pours out into everything she does – and I count myself stupidly blessed and outrageously lucky to travel this universe with her.

Beth brings out the best of everyone around her – always.