Neigh Savers Logo Design
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Logo Design for Neigh Savers Foundation

We had the privilege to develop a logo for the Neigh Savers Foundation, a remarkable group of folks that provide retired racehorses with new homes and a better, more humane retirement. They had an established logo (you can still see it on their site – this one’s hot off the presses) and we were tasked to improve and update their look. (We’re pressing for a site redesign, too – stay tuned!)

Flaring nostrils, flowing manes and a streamlined look pairs well with a classic, solid typeface to create a great-looking logo that will reproduce well across web and print applications. Check it out below, and see it and a whole bunch more logo design goodness in our portfolio. Also, be sure to check out the Neigh Savers Foundation. Good folks, good cause. Good stuff.

Neigh Savers Logo Design

Logo DeLogo & Identity Design for Neigh Savers Foundationsign for Neigh Savers Foundation, a Non-Profit Organization Dedicated to Saving Retired Racehorses