Internet Marketing, SEO, PPC and SEM Services in Asheville, NC and the Universe Beyond!

We’ve seen a lot change in the marketing game in the past 20 years. It used to be that print and media was where it was at. Today, no marketing effort is complete without a real, honest and kick-ass online marketing & search strategy.

We dig design. Art and design is really what fuels us – but the best design, if unseen, is kind of pointless. From local search to national placement with Google and other search engines – you have to be found, be interesting enough to get clicked, and look good to have an effective online presence.

We can help you build a hard-hitting site with all the SEO bells and whistles. We submit your site to the proper authorities, and we help you develop a strategy to climb the ranks of search. Google Analytics? Yep. Google My Business? Every day. Don’t know what we’re talking about? That’s o.k. – we do, and we’ll help you figure it out.

Whether you’re looking for SEO, local search domination or just a little bit of info on how YOU (yes, YOU!) can climb rank and be seen, Blue Dozen’s got you covered. Need to strategize some social media campaigns? We do that, too. Ads, banners, blog posts, Instagram – you name it, we have the experience to tie it all together into a cohesive and effective package.

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