Jailbird Asheville

I’m Getting Arrested. Again.

Asheville MDA Lockup

I’m getting arrested in June. No, it’s not for my good looks, it’s not for my rapier wit. Heck, it’s not even for 3 felonies I (or we) commit every day. It’s for a good cause – the Muscular Dystrophy Association.

MD affects a large number of folks – and a large number of folks start off as kids with MD. Having 5 kids of my own, I have a soft spot for helping out the young’uns where I can.

My bail is set at a paltry $1500 – and you can help! Click here to donate. Every little bit helps. I’m going to the hoosegow  on June 18, so you’ve got some time to gather your shekels and help me out.

All donations are tax-deductible – plus you get the pleasure of having done something awesome for someone else.

Keep it beautiful, people. Let’s all do what we can where we can. If you can’t help now, give someone a hug. Send a sweet email or text. Reach out and spread a little joy.

Don’t think about my carcass rotting in jail. Just love somebody…