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Web design and development has a lot of ins and outs and what-have-yous. You need hosting. You need branded email. You need support.
We offer all of that – plus a lot more.

Web Hosting – We Do It, or YOU Do It

We offer great, fast, robust and secure hosting on a dedicated server, starting at $12 per month. With our hosting services, you get as much or as little as you need. If you need full cPanel access, we offer that. If you’d like basic hosting that we monitor and administer, we do that, too. With cPanel access, you can add more email addresses, tinker with your SQL database or fiddle with settings to your heart’s content. With our basic hosting, we take care of that for you. It really depends upon your needs and how much you want to be involved. Our servers are located in beautiful Dallas, Texas and are “green.” That means they’re either run by wind power, or that the company that maintains the boxes plants trees and purchases carbon offsets. So – your site (and our) has as little a carbon footprint as is humanly possible.

Additionally, we’ve partnered with some truly dynamite server companies – and we really like having our clients purchase their own servers. You can click on some of the logos on this page and get some great discounts on hosting that YOU own. This isn’t always the best route – if you’re not at least a little tech-savvy, you might want us to take care of all this – but we like to offer it. It’s never a bad idea to hold all the keys to your car.

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Email & Email Hosting

Want Of course you do. It’s just more professional. We do that for you. When you host with us, we help you set up your email to be branded and awesome. We also maintain and configure SPAM filters so that you get less of the enlarge-this and send-money-for-that emails. If you opt for one of our cPanel accounts, you can go in and blacklist and whitelist emails so you have ultimate control of what emails actually reach you. Very powerful, very cool.

The other servers we mentioned above all have unlimited emails and all the bells and whistles you might never need…

Support – We Support What We Build, and We Repair What Other Folks Do

We support what we build. PERIOD. We don’t leave you out to twist in the wind. We also help with support on sites we didn’t build. We can retrofit, update, change and modify just about any sort of site. While we prefer to start from scratch, we certainly do help maintain and fix stuff that others have built. We can talk about monthly packages, or we can do a piece-by-piece quote. We’re here to help!

Domain Names

We don’t sell ’em direct, but we can point you in the right direction. We can also help you choose the right name – one that’s easy to brand, easy to promote and easy to make work. This is an important thing – and it deserves a little thought. So – now you know. If you’re ready to buy a name, we recommend GoDaddy – click below. Need some help or want a bit of guidance on choosing a domain name? Give us a shout on the form below or call 828-333-4639. We’d love to chat and see where we can fit in and help out.

GoDaddy Pro Asheville
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