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Gorgeous design is just the beginning. If we’re your designers, you’re in good shape on that front. If you’re not – what’s wrong with you? Anyway, I digress…

Your design is solid, your brand is hot to trot, your product is tight and you want eyeballs to see precisely how awesome you are. How do you do that? Effective marketing!

Blue Dozen Design can take your project from concept to completion – and then we can get folks to see it. We are expert marketers – from social media promotion to search engine optimization (SEO) to magazine ads to direct mail. We do it all and we look damned fine* while we do it. The cool part is – we make YOU look even better.

So – if you’re ready to get serious about traffic and asses in seats, hit us up. We’d love to talk to you and figure out a way to take over the universe – one mind at a time…

* Taste is subjective. We’re beautiful to someone out there…

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