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Your logo is important – it’s often the first impression people get of you or your company, and your logo needs to make that first impression a good AND memorable one. If your logo is poorly designed or a total mismatch for your business, it isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on, or the pixels it’s using. Step up and get a good-looking and unique logo that speaks to who you are and what your company/idea/business/cause represents.

Logo design is one of our specialities. Since they’re one of the most important parts of any marketing, advertising, design or web project, we take extra care when sculpting the face of your business. Michelangelo, indeed, could have carved out the features.*

Be sure to check out our logo design portfolio – we’ve done quite a lot of logos for quite a lot of businesses, and we’re ready to put our experience and some serious design muscle behind your project. Let’s get going!

*Name that tune and get 5% off your project just for being a right frood. No Googling!

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