Heroes of Design: Bauhaus

Bauhaus (both the band and the movement,) have been around my life and work for a long, long time. Bauhaus (the band,) were one of my favorites in college (hell, still are) and Bauhaus (the artsy bit) has always had a heavy influence on my design style, beginning in my days at SCAD.

Bauhaus (the band and the movement) are sleek and sexy and minimalist. Daniel Ash’s guitar was stark and lean and angular – much like the actual Bauhaus compound. Cold and very Germanic. Sweet.

Check out this great video (the whole “Design in a Nutshell” series is pretty brilliant) about the Bauhaus school and movement:

Then check out Misters Murphy, Ash, J and Haskins doing their thing in a song concerning (I think,) over-aged prostitutes while still living at home with mummy:

What does this all mean for you? Not much. Learn a bit about something artsy, something about goth tunes in the 80’s. Consider it school. But more interesting.