Design Heroes - Antoni Gaudí

Heroes of Design: Antoni Gaudí

Design Heroes - Antoni Gaudí

I don’t think I need to say too much about Gaudí. I’ve always been a big fan of architecture as an art form – and this guy takes that notion to the absolute limit. The Sagrada Familia (the roof of the nave shown above,) the Park GüelCasa Batlló and the Colonia Güell all stand as masterworks of a man who understood the power of architecture and who knew how to think “outside the box.”

I’ve never been to Barcelona. Hell, I’ve never been to Los Angeles – but experiencing this guy’s work in person is ABSOLUTELY on my bucket list. His organic style is really something to behold, and the motion and fluidity of his lines are incredible. What else can be said other than this guy was an incredible artist with an eye toward the future – but not in a strictly modernist way. His work transcended modernism then, and it holds up even today.

Check it out. You’re going to spend a LOT of time looking at his stuff. Time very, very well spent.