Freelance Design for Fun, Profit and Chicks


With this site, I hope to impart some wisdom gained (and lost) as a freelance graphic and web designer. I’ll offer tips, tricks and resources geared exclusively for freelancers. Here, you’ll find forms that I’ve used for billing and time tracking, general contracts, links to sites that offer real resources for all your freelance needs.

There are plenty of great sources for information out there – but it seems like they’re all written for a different crowd. Freelance graphic design is a different beast from most other freelance professions, so if you’ve never lived it, you can’t really write about it. I’ve seen the peak and the valleys that every freelance designer goes through. I’ve lived it for many, many moons now – and I have some advice, some tools, and some things that will help you on your way to success.

Along the way, I’ll offer some for-pay resources. Hey – I gotta make a living, you know.

Read a little bit about what I’ve done – learn from my mistakes, and let me help you on your way to a (somewhat) lucrative career as a freelance designer.