Goodbye, 2013
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Goodbye, 2013. It’s Been Real…

Goodbye, 2013
2013 is coming to an end in just a little less than 12 hours. Thanks to the great clients, great friends and great family that has made 2013 a year to remember. But, really – aren’t ALL years “years to remember?” I hope so. I’m proud to say that I’ve never had a year that I wanted to forget. Every year has great moments and moments that suck.

2013 was a year of changing, stretching and growing. In the words of Jake Bugg, “some things to be proud of, some stuff to regret.” Mostly, stuff to be proud of. Our beautiful son was born. I did a LOT of work. I laughed a lot. I worried too much. Mostly, I learned a lot in 2013.

What did I learn?

  • SEO is important – but not equally important for all sites. We’ve got a bunch of blog posts concerning SEO in the can – and we’ll be putting some of the voodoo and misconceptions to the test. SEO is good and important, but it’s not the be-all end-all for your site.
  • I still don’t like parallax scrolling. And it’s EVERYWHERE. Just stop. Please.
  • The Asheville Mall sucks. Bad.
  • I need to work out more and eat less.
  • I need to worry less and laugh more.
  • I have amazing children, an amazing wife and a life that most folks would envy. I have always been aware of this – but this year has really, really brought it home. I’m a blessed man. Well and TRULY blessed.
  • I miss drawing. I get to do a bit of it, but I need more.
  • My main competitor is myself.
  • Blue Dozen Design is a better name than Independent Studios. was a weird domain name that had very, very little to do with the actual business name.
  • I still really suck at playing guitar, but I’m getting better.

2013 was good – but also a little bittersweet. After 14 years, Independent Studios was shuttered. A lot of great memories, a lot of great clients – but also a need for change. 2013 brought immense change – and change for the better. In my personal life and in my professional life – everything has shifted. Exciting, anxious and ultimately terrific changes. I want to carry that excitement forward, and really enjoy 2014. It’s setting up to be a brilliant year.

What’s on my 2014 list?

  • More fun clients, fewer not-so-fun clients.
  • Play guitar more, and better. Maybe lessons. Probably not.
  • No more Cook Out cheeseburgers. Except when I really, really need to have one.
  • Push my design – personally and professionally. This means more drawing, more printing, more weird stuff.
  • Blog more. I enjoy writing.
  • Get a better hair cut. Really – this one is just embarrassing.
  • Be a better service provider – personally and professionally. I want to develop my servant heart. I promise to serve my family more and with more love. Same for my clients – but with less hugging.
  • Travel. Somewhere. Anywhere. Asheville is great – but I want to see more

2014 will bring change – and I’m very, very excited to see that change. Some will be great, some will be good, some will probably be bad or uncomfortable. Good and bad is all in how you handle it and how you perceive it. In 2014 – I will embrace change, and I will perceive it as good. And it will be.

So – goodbye 2013. Don’t let the door hit you where the good Lord split you.

Hello, 2014. You look marvelous.

*Jake Bugg is playing a Patrick Eggle custom guitar. My dad designed the logo for Patrick Eggle, and it adorns the headstock of Bugg’s drool-worthy guitar.