Facebook Timeline for Businesses? It’s Coming…

FBTIMELINEWhether you like it or not.

On March 30, Facebook will be rolling out the new “Timeline” for business pages. And, I must say – I’m none too thrilled. And, of course, I will tell you why. At the same time, I’m also kinda thrilled, and I’ll tell you why on that front, too…

First – The Negative:

  • No more landing page. If you have a business with a nice little page that new folks land on – you know, with nice graphics and a special offer – maybe incentive to like your page? That’s gone. Well. it’s still there – it’s just not possible to use that as the “landing page” anymore. Now, when people show up, they go to your timeline. You can use one of your “app” spaces to call attention to your “landing” page, but people are going to have to click to get there.
  • And…
  • Well, that’s really all that I don’t like.

Next – The Positive:

  • Big, fat header. A lot of real estate. Juicy images and slick graphics. (Give us a call, we can help with that…)
  • Sticky posts. You can keep pertinent info at the top.
  • Easier contact. People can contact your page instead of contacting YOU. Nice!
  • Wider tabs. Instead of 520, you now have 810 pixels wide. And – the secondary tabs don’t have as many ads and other Facebook garbage on them. More space, less noise means being able to do more attractive design. That’s ALWAYS good.

Please note – and this is serious: YOU HAVE TO CHANGE to the NEW FACEBOOK TIMELINE FOR BUSINESS. No matter how new or old your page is – on March 30, your Facebook Page will change. This is going to happen.

How do you prepare? Well – the content you already have is safe. The apps you have are safe. The design work you’ve got (and paid for) is safe. It’ll take a little massaging, of course – but it’s still viable. You do need to start thinking a little differently about your Facebook page. A new header image (your face just ISN’T gonna cut it) and a new idea or two on how you’re going to entice people to like your page and consume your content is what you really need to get in shape for the roll-out.

The good news is that we’re ready. We’ve got the low-down on the process and the changes, and we can walk you through it. We can update your graphics, your apps and your page. We can design a new way for your page to work – so you can actually GAIN from Mr. Zuckerberg’s latest “improvement.”

Mostly, though – in the words of the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy – Don’t Panic. This is mostly harmless.

Contact us – let’s get you in shape BEFORE March 30. Proactive is better than panic. Plus, it’s a cool buzzword…