Blue Dozen Design is Moving – And, Yeah – you should care…

We’re moving about a mile from the old crib – but we’re a whole world away…

We’re moving. Actually, we’ve already moved…

We left the friendly confines of 418 1/2 Haywood and we’re moseying down to the Food Truck Park.

Why? Well, the sexy story would be that we’re turning the page and moving on to bigger and better things. The unsexy story is that Image 420 is expanding (holy shit, they’re getting a vinyl printer) and needed the space. Pick your own adventure. Honestly, it’s a little of both. No matter what story you want to believe, we’re stoked – and we expect that you’ll be stoked, too.

We’ve moved the gear, bought some new desks, and we’re ready to rock in our new environment. We’re above the Cascade Lounge and Edna’s. We’re across from Carrier Park. We’re close to water and nature and runners and hippies and beatniks. Plus, there’s a laundromat and a gas station ON SITE! Starting Monday, we can caffeine up in the morning, get hammered in the afternoon, nature sesh in the evening and get our laundry taken care of and a Red Bull down our gullet – all in one place. One-stop-freak-shopping.

Blue Dozen Design is Moving in Asheville, NC

What does this mean for you? Probably not much. We’ll still deliver the same branding and web design excellence you’ve come to expect. But, you won’t have to walk up rickety stairs, you won’t have to struggle to park on Haywood, and you won’t get the same living room feel you’ve come to know and love. What you WILL get is a different vibe – plus a whole village of reputable (and otherwise) establishments to enjoy when you come to visit. Once our meeting is done, you can walk around Carrier Park in a daze and recover from the ideas (and idiocy) we drop.

Don’t worry – the coffee is still on us (and frankly, our coffee is better than Edna’s.) We’ll still be as loud and silly as you’ve come to expect – it’s just that we’ll (appear to) be in a different place. Because the truth is – no matter where our asses sit, our hearts are still with Arthur Fonzarelli-Schwarz up on Haywood. If you get that reference, the first couple of rounds are on us…

Obscure references or no – we look forward to hanging out in our new castle. Come on by and sit for a bit. No matter where we are – we love the stories, we love the laughs, and we love working with the awesome folks we’re blessed to be around. So – be around, OK?

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