Woo Theme Customization Portfolio

WooTheme Customization

WooThemes are terrific WordPress themes that allow us to design and develop beautiful sites with terrific, extensible functionality quickly and with less muss and fuss. The result is a site that is not only less expensive, but that is more feature packed.

We use WooThemes as a jumping-off point. See, it’s not that they aren’t great off the shelf – but it’s when they’re customized and really designed that they shine. That’s where we come in. We use the Woo architecture to build ecommerce sites, portfolio sites, magazine sites, blogs and business sites – but we take the theme to the next level with full-on custom design.

We’re Affiliated Woo Workers, so we have access to tons of great resources to pass along to you, and we’ve developed dozens and dozens of sites using WooThemes – so our experience really shows through the design. We’re really proud of the work, and our customers are pleased with the results. Check out a sampling below. If you’ve got any questions about WooThemes, WooCommerce or any of the Woo products, we’d love to speak with you.