Coffee in the Aeropress? I’m in love.

IHAVEMEASURED_ELIOTLast week, I had a birthday. I’m very old. The older I get, the more coffee I need in order to keep my brain, uh, limber. My lovely wife, understanding this, bought me an Aeropress. See, this thing makes coffee using air pressure – and I gotta tell you, it’s really going to cause some issues in my life. I can already feel my adrenals begging for mercy. Sleep may be a thing of the past. It makes the most mellow, delicious, rich and smooth cup of coffee that I’ve ever had. It’s espresso strong, Barry White smooooooooooooth.

Since you brew at a low temperature, the coffee comes out without the nasty oils that high temps can bring. It’s velvety and delicious.

It’s also nicely portable, so taking good coffee with me will be a simple thing. No more excuses in hotel rooms, friends houses or clients’ offices. Also, it means that if you come to our office and want a cup of coffee, you won’t walk away disappointed.

We’re Willy Wonka and you have the golden ticket. We’ll put you on our magic boat, man. We’ll sail you down our chocolatey river of caffeine.

Ready for some coffee? Holla…