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WordPress is a great way to create robust, good-looking websites. We’ve got some tips, tricks and resources to help make your site kick-ass.

With WordPress being one of the fastest-growing platforms for web development, and with our vast experience in designing, developing and maintaining great-looking, super-functional WordPress sites, we have a little bit to offer in the way of expertise.

This is where we’ll blog about the sexiest open-source web platform – and why you should care about it.

It’s (semi)fascinating stuff. Give it a read:

CHARLOTTE_STREET1When Asheville’s own Charlotte Street Computers needed a new web site designed and developed, they approached us – and we were reasonably excited. See, Charlotte Street Computers is Asheville’s best computer repair and sales shop – and their old site was, to say the least, lacking. So, we hooked ’em up.

  • Built using WordPress, so it’s super-functional.
  • Designed by us, so it’s super-sexy.
  • Optimized for search engines, so it’s super-easy to find.
  • Built using WooThemes, so it’s super-slick.

They’re happy, we’re happy, and Asheville has one more great website. If you need computer repair, training, sales or support – Charlotte Street Computers sincerely can’t be beat. If you need web design and development – well, you know where to go…

beercityAsheville is Beer City. We design websites in Beer City. So, when the Beer City Festival needed a quick, attractive and super-functional website – they came to us.

Built from the ground up in a couple of days, this WordPress site is sleek and simple – but with plenty of functionality. Ecommerce, online ticketing (coming April 15, when they’re available,) and plenty of other features makes this site easy to use and easy to maintain. Beer guys are busy guys – and the last thing they need is a hard-to-use website.

The design scheme (the Beer City poster) is based on the work of Brent Baldwin at Image 420. Love them guys. We spun the colors off of their design – and built a quick website. Nice. We all win.

Check out the website at BeerCityFestival.com.

ibmeeportfolio1International Body-Mind Empowerment Enterprises (i.b.mee.) is a non-profit in Asheville, and they needed a super-functional, super-custom website to assist them in gathering and processing information. See, they’re out to change education from a rewards-based system to an empowerment system. Sweet! We set them up with a WordPress site, a Woo theme and a bunch of custom work. Forms with conditional logic, easy-to-update pages and blogs, and an online forum makes this a full-featured website.

Check ‘em out. Truly a great cause and a bunch of great folks.

santafeWordPress web design for real estate makes a lot of sense. Real estate agents and agencies need the ability to update the site regularly, and they need to have a site that is seen by Google. Add to that the need to have a really good-looking site, and you have the perfect client for our favorite CMS.

We have a great working relationship with Build Real Estate Results, and we’ve worked with them on countless websites. They’re great folks – and they’ve brought us a bunch of great clients. Nobel Davis at Santa Fe Exclusives is one such great client.  She needed a lot of features and a lot of customization. We were happy to help. Plus, Kathleen at BRER had the content and the page structure ready to roll – and the site came out (if we do say so ourselves) great…

Some features:

  • WordPress for easy management.
  • Lots of custom widget areas.
  • Gorgeous design.
  • Killer content.
  • A nifty Flash-based map of their coverage.
  • A whole lot more.

So – if you’re in Santa Fe and need a home – visit Nobel’s site. If you’re in need of a website and you’re anywhere in the world, contact us. We’re here. We’re ready. Let’s go.