Setting Goals is Fun (Sort of)

It’s been a horribly busy week for me, with a business partner flying in from Seattle and pulling all-nighters to complete a few projects. Many Red Bulls and pots of coffee later, and my kidneys are screaming at me and my head is swimming with tiredness. But, we have a great product nearly ready to roll out. Very exciting. Stay tuned for details.

Ah – the life of a freelance graphic artist. Fun with no end!

But, this week has reminded me that it’s important to dream, it’s important to reach and stretch and try new things.

For so long, I would say “I’m happy if I have electricity, a roof over my head and coffee in my thermos.” Then, it dawned on me that my thinking and words were keeping me from other, bigger things.

If I was going to be satisfied with so little, that’s precisely what I would have. So, I decided I wanted bigger things.

I’m not talking about greed. Greed only breeds greed, but a mind that desires more and is willing to attack the situation and take the steps to reach that goal is one that will be rewarded.

Set your sights high – and then don’t be afraid to stumble. Keep walking (or running) towards that grand vision, and you’ll get to it. Might take longer than you want, but if you’re persistent and faithful to your goals, nothing will stop you.

When you say “I’d like to …” or “It would be nice if…” or “I wish…” the language itself is giving you an excuse. When you say “I will” or “I’m going to” or “It’s going to be great when,” then you’re setting yourself up to actually get something accomplished.

So – go for it. Find your passion and follow it – let nothing stand in your way.

(Wow, I sounded like Anthony Robbins there for a minute. Weird)