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Blue Dozen Design fires white hot design from their fingers. If you cut them, out comes tiny dragons, pixels, India ink and designola. Just bring them coffee and slowly back away.

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Honestly – this guy had to be the greatest performer ever. When you have millions of people imitating you, you’ve obviously done something right. I’d love to be imitated. Seems like a lot of designers and design ideology runs on parallel tracks, but I want to be imitated. Ah – but check out Design Is […]

Freelance Design for Fun, Profit and Chicks

Welcome! With this site, I hope to impart some wisdom gained (and lost) as a freelance graphic and web designer. I’ll offer tips, tricks and resources geared exclusively for freelancers. Here, you’ll find forms that I’ve used for billing and time tracking, general contracts, links to sites that offer real resources for all your freelance […]