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Blue Dozen Design fires white hot design from their fingers. If you cut them, out comes tiny dragons, pixels, India ink and designola. Just bring them coffee and slowly back away.

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The Other 90%

I am, by admission, a little hard-hearted. Generally, I don’t see much outside my world and my client list. But, I was doing some research on Wolfgang Weingart, and I ran across this site – and it got me to thinking… Check out “Design for the Other 90%.” Food for thought. “The majority of the […]

Give Me a Break

One of the big issues I have is taking breaks. They’re absolutely crucial, but as freelancers, we seem to kind of sweep them under the rug. Taking regular breaks help you avoid repetitive stress injuries (carpal tunnel, etc.,) they help you keep fresh and your ideas flowing, and they help keep you from going blind. […]

Facing Negativity

There’s a somewhat negative connotation to being a freelance designer. I’ve worked hard to gain credibility as a designer, and I’ve had corporate gigs – but I’ve never had the creativity and lust for my work life that I have now as an independent. A common misconception is that being a freelancer means that you’re […]