The Cobbler’s Children Syndrome

Hey, folks! Long time, no blog. Sorry for that. There’s been a tremendous amount of work coming in the door lately – and that is great. But, at the same time, it’s kind of sucked, as I’ve been unable to keep up the blogging momentum. And, as I’ve stated before, momentum is what you need to build a successful blog/online business/social media empire. I want to take over the world with my website, but not at the expense of my clients.

So, while I’ve been hammering away on lots of stuff (Woo Theme based websites, logos for locals and all sorts of printed goods,) I’ve been negligent on this (and many other) blog.

The good news is that the work keeps flowing in, but I’ve also found a good schedule that allows for “spitball time” and for blogging and social media escapades. So – get ready.

One big piece of news – I’m in the process of launching a new website that features a more “business” image of my business. It’ll be a more corporate-styled site that should appeal a little more to the suit-and-tie types. DON’T WORRY -this site won’t change. This site is more “me,” but I’ve also heard from a few trusted business associates that I might want to have a more buttoned-down version. No – it won’t be lame. It’ll just be a little different. That will launch on Black Friday, and there will be an associated giveaway/deal there – so stay tuned. You’ll be reasonably happy that you did.

And in other news: it really is time for some new shoes, which is an ordeal around here. I know that I will eventually just buy another pair of Chucks, but I will have to try on at least 100 other types of shoes before I resign myself to buying the same old same old. The really bad part is that both my Chucks and my boots are both worn out, so this could turn in to 3 months of dragging the family around to every shoe store within a 100 mile radius to find shoes and boots. Then, I’ll just order the same thing I already have from Amazon. The classics, as they say, never die. Unfortunately, shoes do!