Regular Blog Posting is for Sissies…

I’ve been a little remiss on the blog – but it’s for good reason. I’ve got a few projects that are being revived and have demanded an awful lot of my attention this week. It’s good stuff – but time consuming. Add to that an influx of new work, and my ability to keep you entertained has been hampered.

freakFirst up – Yes – it’s coming back. Expect a launch on April 1 (no fooling.) I’ve got a few big folks on board (Zen, Bill Kopp, Kat, Mr. 420) and I’m looking for more contributors and folks to add to the craziness. It’ll be all of what you loved about The Freak to begin with – but with technology that will actually keep up with the content. There’s going to be a great calendar, awesome photos of Asheville, news of the strange, message boards (bring it on!) and a whole lot more. If you’re interested in contributing or you have ideas, I’d love to hear from you. We’re looking for a few good men, women and aliens. Join up now. It’s freakin awesome.

aafSecondly – This has been a pet project of mine for many moons, but I’ve really been adding to the site – again, with lots in store. It’s a repository for tips, tricks and resources for freelancers. Since that’s really what I am, I thought I’d share a little bit of what to do – and what NOT to do. I also have a second contributor on this one, so expect more updates there.

Check ’em out. Very different sites, but both with some great content.

And, I promise, I’ll be back here. Don’t you worry.

No – please, tears aren’t necessary. Just send money. And coffee. And tea. Thank you.